“Get out of there dear,” said Mother. She found her daughter trying to crawl under the house. “I said stop, Kitty,” screamed Mother. She picked up Kitty by her hips and began carrying her back to the house. Once inside, Mother sat Kitty down and began to explain to her typical rules that every nine year-old needed to follow. Needless to say, Kitty wasn’t much for Mother’s authoritarianism. She immediately disregarded what Mother told her to do and went back outside.

After Kitty ran away Mother took the liberty of going upstairs. “Where did I go wrong,” Mother said to herself as she began to sob. “It must have been her father’s fault, after all he is the one that left.” Mother was notorious in the small town they inhabited and so was Kitty’s father. The married couple lived a joyous life together until one day Kitty’s father left. It had been four years since his self-eviction. Unaware as to why that was, Mother upset herself every day since, as she tried to conclude what would give him the reason to abandon their once great life.

He was an open man and favorably normal compared to other men of the early 16th century. He hunted, went to church, and worked; typical for a married man. Although there was one thing that did separate him from other fathers and that was his relationship with his daughter.

A scream echoed in the distance. Mother heard the loud shriek and leaped from her bed, almost certain it was Kitty. She raced down the stairs with great haste. As she reached bottom she held out her arm as if she were about to open the door that stood almost 20 feet before her.

Mother kept such fierce momentum she couldn’t stop and slammed her face on the door. After shaking off what certainly must have traumatized her, aside from the shriek, she quickly grabbed the door knob, twisted her wrist and threw the door open.

The shouting continued when Mother came outside. It was coming from Mr. Sutton’s home. Mother concentrated all of her energy into her own thighs to be able to produce such a speed that average women could not create. As Mother ran into her neighbor’s yard, she remarkably jumped over a four foot picket fence. With Mother’s adrenaline burning, she finally arrived at the source of all the noise.

It wasn’t Kitty however. Mrs. Sutton was the source and as to why she was screaming was displayed by Kitty. “AHHH GET IT AWAY FROM ME,” screamed Mrs. Sutton. A few seconds later, Mr. Sutton came running into the back yard to his wife’s rescue when he saw Kitty.

“What in God’s name is that, Kitty?” yelled Mother. Kitty was holding the carcass of a crow in her right hand. It was dripping blood and was a decent size for such a bird. At closer examination the neck of the bird was lacerated all the way to bone. “Drop it Kitty.” Kitty listened and released the bird onto the ground.

Mr. Sutton held his now crying wife and gave Mother a malicious stare. “Kitty go home right this instance.” Kitty listened to Mother but remained emotionless and quiet. “I apologize Mr. Sut…”

“Your daughter ain’t right lady. Why did she come over here and scare my wife? And why is she out killin’ birds?”

“Well I hate to say it but I don’t know Mr. Sutton. I will have a word with her, don’t you worry.”

Mr. Sutton let out a breath as he spoke, “Alright lady, but if she scares my wife again, I may need to have a word with her myself.”

Mother understood and made her way back home. As Mother made her arrival she noticed Kitty sitting on the front porch. Kitty was quiet but quickly made eye contact with Mother, surely mentally preparing herself for the “talk.” Mother motioned to Kitty to go inside, in which Kitty followed orders. They sat themselves around the kitchen table directly across from each other.

Mother stared into Kitty’s yellow eyes as Kitty stared into Mother’s blue. No words exited either of their mouths for a brief moment. The stare down settled and Mother finally spoke. “Why Kitty?” Mother paused and then started to tear up. “Is this because of your father,” Mother began to cry. “Kitty I don’t know what to do.”

Kitty arose from her seat and walked to Mother. They stared at each other once again until Kitty broke free of the emotionless incantation she put herself into. Kitty hugged Mother without ever saying a word.

More coming soon…


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