The Boy

NOTE: This was something written a long time ago, just decided to throw it on here. Everyday without us knowing homeless children and even unattended children face too many threats in this dark world. Hopefully this can shed some light on that subject.



There was a boy. He was short, had straight hair, and had a keen sort of friendly mentality. He would always ask others if they would like to join in with what he was doing or he would generously share anything he had.

This little boy, oh 10 to 12 years of age, was unlike most in his generation. Always seeking out answers to help his understanding of the big big world he lived in. He had a collection of toy cars that ranged from differences in color, shape, size, and model. He would always watch videos of how fast his model cars could go if they were real. This amazed him. Although too young to fully understand the technical aspect of these cars, he didn’t bother to believe that and indulged in learning anything he could about the matter.

This boy had a dilemma though. He had his wonderful fun personality and a hobby he was sure to carry out through his life, but he lacked one thing….friends. Now of course he had a few that he enjoyed time with at school but it was summer you see, and everyone was out and about in the warm sun.

This made the boy think about all the times he had given his cars out to his friends so they could play with him; also, how he would take blame at school so they wouldn’t get in trouble. He was lucky his teachers and parents were aware of his character and knew he was simply sacrificing his good name for the sake of being kind.

As he contemplated his actions, he realized he didn’t have any true friends; others who would treat him the same. It was at this point the forever optimistic child had an epiphany of doubt. This didn’t stop him though.

The determined little boy decided to grab some of his favorite toy cars and venture off to find a friend. He lived in the city in an apartment. His parent thoroughly instructed him not to go outside, but due to the new euphoria of loneliness, he was not compelled to listen. As a matter of fact he forgot that was even a rule. He was indomitable to find a new friend. He felt like he needed one.

As he descended the stairs from the second floor he took past the pool and to the sidewalk. He maintained a steady pace with his bag full of cars and an optimistic smile on his face. Twenty minutes and three intersections had passed and the boy stumbled upon a toy store. He looked at it in awe and, after a moment of shock, stepped inside. He looked at every gadget they had and asked the clerk all sorts of wonderful questions. The clerk suddenly realized the boy was the only one in the store and asked him where his parents were.

The boy looked off in the distance and the clerk knew at that point, he was alone. He instructed the child to wait there while he went to go get a phone. The boy soon realized the rule he broke. He became scared as the thought of trouble sunk into his adolescent mind. After all he had never left the apartment before, so, he decided to make a run for it.

When the clerk came back to the register with a wireless phone the boy was gone. Maintaining speed, the little boy made it to another intersection. Now he was lost, but that didn’t initiate any more fear. He stood in place as people walked casually by, not asking if he was okay. Surely he knew that none of these people could be his friends, after all they didn’t even seem to care. He gripped his bag a little tighter until a white car pulled up on the curb.

The tinted window rolled down and a man spoke out, “Hey kid are you okay?”

The boy replied, “Yes sir, I’ve just seemed to have lost my way home.”

“Well where do you live?”

The boy named the complex by memorization but couldn’t point out any direction.

“Well I can help you,” said the man.

“You mean like a friend,” the boy questioned happily.

“Yes, like a friend,” said the man.

The boy climbed into the back seat of the car and rode off….he never returned home.


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